Pete Clifford is founder and senior managing facilitator with ADVANCED LEADERSHIP SERVICES. He is a nationally known speaker and facilitator with over twenty years experience in human resource development, quality and management in both the manufacturing and service sectors. He is one of the nation's leading practitioners of story boarding. Pete has strong, proven experience in quality improvement initiatives, one-on-one leadership coaching, management development, team building, strategic planning and group facilitation.

Pete has facilitated groups ranging in size from 3 to 500 individuals. He is particularly skilled in assisting groups engage in creative thinking. One of his specialties is helping organizations achieve focus through strategic planning in "Camp David" style retreats. Over the last ten years Pete has conducted thousands of planning sessions for different clients, including ADECCO PERSONNEL SERVICES, ETHICON ENDO-SURGERY, DAMON'S INTERNATIONAL, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY and SCIENTIFIC COLUMBUS.

Pete has developed an approach to group planning called Accelerated Planning®. The Accelerated Planning Process was developed to bring an end to long, time-wasting, non-productive meetings. It is a creative thinking process with roots back to Walt Disney. It allows ideas to flow and encourages a high degree of commitment from participants. Above all, it squeezes time out of the planning and problem-solving process and helps organizations "out-think" their competition. Accelerated Planning is participative and focused, which is becoming the way of management in today's competitive environment.

Pete also specializes in management assessment and development, leadership coaching, team building, training and organizational change efforts. His unique approach involves facilitating the process of change for a leader or their organization completely through to effective implementation.

Prior to forming ALS, Pete held senior management positions in human resources and quality with Lennox Industries Inc. and ABB Process Automation. Pete holds a degree in Business and Industrial Management from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. He is also a member of numerous trade, civic and professional organizations, including the Board of Directors of the Greater Columbus Junior Golf Association, the Business Advisory Council of Columbus State Community College, and the Board of Trustees of CASA of Franklin County.

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